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How to Choose the Best Towing Dolly Service

When it comes to towing a vehicle to a new location, there are a number of factors to consider before choosing the best towing method to apply. One major factor to take into consideration would the weight or size of the vehicle as the vehicle’s size of weight will determine the kind of towing method to be used. Aside from that, whether the vehicle concerned is a four-wheel drive, a rear-wheel drive, or a front-wheel drive, is important too because this will determine which towing method will not add mileage to your vehicle’s run. Usually so your vehicle’s mileage does not go up, towing services will make use of a towing dolly. That way you can transport your vehicle from one point to the next without having to add to your mileage.

What You Need to Know About Towing Dolly Services

A towing dolly is a two-wheeled device that lifts the front of the car, and is used, naturally, on front-wheel drive cars. The rear wheels, although still in contact with the road, won’t add mileage to your car, regardless of how far the drive will be. Basically, the towing dolly is actually a car carrier that can lift your car off the ground and tow it away without damaging it. Highly popular among recreational drivers who usually transport their car to their racing venue, a tow dolly lets them bring along a smaller vehicle to use for short distance errands while out camping.  But towing dollies are not restricted to recreational drivers. A lot of people make use of them nowadays as they do not want to worry about their cars getting dragged during transport.

Why do we excel at towing dolly services?

Here at Towing Phoenix, we offer our clients the fool-proof reassurance that their cars will be handled with utmost professionalism by our seasoned servicemen, who are experts at their art. Available through a single call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year, and all throughout the seasonal changes, Top Value Towing is always there to help get your vehicles where you need to take them. Our towing dolly services are really helpful because we do not rest until all our customers are satisfied. Being a company that is open 24 hours, we can help you even during the late hours of the night. As long as you give us a call, then we will definitely come to your location so we may attend to your concern or emergency. Our services for a towing dolly Phoenix are handled by trained individuals who not only can load and unload your car efficiently and securely unto our tow dolly in Phoenix, but also, drive at the optimum speed in a respectable and careful manner to ensure the safety and prime condition of your vehicle. Understanding the need for our clients to want a worry-free and stress-free processing, We give you the promise that everything will be handled with utmost care and skill. Knowing the importance of your vehicle to you, we make it our duty to ensure its safety before loading, throughout the drive to its new location, and after unloading, not just because we want to, but because we can! We believe that our customers should always be the top priority which is why we have invested in labor as well as equipment that can provide the best service to whoever needs. So should you find yourself need a tow dolly Phoenix, you definitely know who you should be calling. Try out our service and see the difference!

tow dolly Phoenix

Towing Dolly Phoenix

Why Use A Towing Dolly

First of all, and probably one of the main reasons why towing dollies are loved by recreational vehicle owners, towing service clients, and vehicle enthusiasts, is that towing dollies are cheap. Compared to full-on towing flatbeds and trailers, towing dollies come at a relatively lower pricing range. Not only that, but towing dollies are simple and relatively easy to use, with no alterations needed to be done on your vehicle. When you yourself aren’t an owner of a towing dolly, and are merely calling in on a towing service to help you, it is still a great option. With our services for a towing dolly in Phoenix, the towing servicemen can get to your vehicle quickly, and load your car unto the towing dolly speedily too. In an essence, using a dolly can actually save you a lot of time and effort as compared to a regular towing process since dollies can easily carry cars off the ground. Being compact, easy to stow away and bring along, a towing dolly is a popular option among the different array of towing methods and equipment. In fact, most people who experience car collisions or stalling cars would prefer to have their vehicles towed by a dolly instead of by a tow truck because dollies are much faster and they can help the servicemen get the job done quicker.

Why It Pays to Get the Best Towing Dolly Service

Knowing that a towing dolly may be the best option for your front-wheel drive car, you also have to understand that regardless of the equipment choice and its quality, if the serviceman attending to it is not accustomed to it, or untrained in the field, your car will be in the wrong hands. When it comes to loading and unloading your vehicle from a towing dolly, although the general procedure may be simple and straightforward enough, without the right handling of it, damages may occur. An example of this is the faulty linking of the safety chains that may lead to chinks that dislodge the balance of your car, leading to it skidding over onto its side. Assuming that the attachment process has been done perfectly, you still have the towing serviceman’s driving skill to worry about. When the tow driver runs at a high speed, disregarding bumps and curves on the road, your car, regardless of how perfectly it is connected to the towing dolly, will get damaged. Only the towing services with the best quality of towing dolly servicing can assure their clients that their vehicle will not be mishandled, and that it will arrive in one piece at their desired location.

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