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About flatbed towing services

When it comes to getting towing services, it is always good to get reputable services. After all, your vehicle does not come cheap. So it is advisable to invest in reliable towing services. That way you will be ensured that your vehicle will arrive undamaged and in one piece after moving it from one place to another.
When picking a towing service, it is good to go through the pros and cons of each service. As there are several ways to move a vehicle, it is important that you are aware of the procedures so you can make a good and educated decision on which type of service to use. One of the most recommended ones would be by using a flatbed. A flat bed is another one of the many towing methods to move your vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, to whatever location you choose. There are two types of flatbeds, one of which is the attachable type that is used for small vehicles like motorcycles and the like, which we connect to a separate vehicle that will pull it along the drive. These usually come with two, or four wheels, depending on the weight it is made to support. The other type of flatbed, is the one built in to the back of a wrecker tow, or a recovery vehicle, that has the capability to carry larger and heavier vehicles that the conventional flatbeds can’t manage with as much stability and efficiency. The bigger flat beds are usually used for the heavier cars that have suffered more damage probably from a collision or a crash. Flatbed towing is a common method for towing because of its ease of use and availability found in almost all towing service companies. It is one of the best methods of towing because it allows the workers to get things done very easily. With a flatbed, there is not that much effort needed in towing away the vehicles. All they have to do is use a flatbed to haul the stalled vehicles and away they go.

Why is a flatbed towing service good for you?

When it comes to stability and the safe delivery of your vehicle to your preferred destination, flatbeds are most recommended. With the help of the flatbed, our technicians will be able to secure the vehicle in place using specially designed straps and wheel chocks. That way you can be sure that your vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, will remain steady throughout the whole drive. It is very essential that your vehicle remain in a steady position when being transported as imbalance might cause some parts to get damaged. Our company specializes in flatbed towing Phoenix so you can be certain that we definitely know what we are doing. When you make use of our flatbed towing service Phoenix, we will make sure that we transport your vehicle without adding extra mileage to the run of your ride, or weathering down the wheels of it. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, a flatbed will be able to accommodate the weight of the vehicle, keeping your prized ride safe all the way to its destination. As using a flatbed keeps your vehicle steady, it will ensure that your vehicle does not sustain any damage while it is being brought to its destination unlike when using a regular towing process. An added benefit of flatbed towing is that even if your vehicle is heavily damaged, your car or motorcycle will still arrive at the nearest or preferred repair shop with all of its vital pieces in place. It is because of this that flatbed towing services are often the chosen method for towing away heavily damaged vehicles. If you plan on giving your vehicle maximum security to avoid falls, slips, or jostling throughout the tow ride, a flatbed is most probably the best option for you. When you call for a tow, make sure you ask for a flatbed, because chances are, most dependable towing services like Phoenix Towing has one available for you.

flatbed tow truck service Phoenix

flatbed towing Phoenix

Why do you need the best flatbed towing service?

Among all the different towing methods, flatbed towing is considered the best method of transport when comparing it to other methods like winching or using front-wheel lift drives. But more important that the method itself would be the people working on your car. In order for your vehicle to get the best service, there needs to be sufficient and efficient manpower that can take on the job. Regardless of the presence of the right equipment and the quality of it, if the service crew handling it are unprofessional and uneducated about the proper handling of your vehicle and the proper way of handling the flatbed tow, your vehicle is never going to be safe. With us, you do not need to worry about mishandling of your vehicle. When you call for flatbed towing service from us, you get to have a worry-free and stress-free process of getting your car or motorcycle brought to your chosen destination. Under our management, you will be reassured that your vehicle will be picked up gently, secured tightly to the flatbed, handled carefully throughout the ride, and dropped off safely at the proper destination, all without any avoidable complications. In a sense, flatbed towing is the better alternative to regular towing because you won’t need that much manpower to get the job done. It just takes one person to help haul the vehicle and one driver.

Why Use Us For Flatbed Towing?

Top Value Towing is the best at flatbed towing in Phoenix. Our company provides very high quality flatbed towing service in Phoenix, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year, and all throughout the seasonal changes, ready to come to you with only a single phone call. With an available hotline that runs 24 hours, you can be sure that we can provide you with services even if you are very far away. We can even provide flatbed tow truck service in Phoenix at the latest hours of the night. We promise the best handling of your vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle. With a crew of professional and well-trained servicemen who are well-accustomed to the equipment they work with, we can pick up your car and bring it to whatever location of your choosing, be it short distance or long distance, all with the reassurance of complete safety for your vehicle.  Knowing the importance of your vehicle to yourself, our crew of servicemen act without any unnecessary actions, to get what you need done efficiently. We cater to smaller and lighter vehicles, larger and heavier vehicles, cars and motorcycles alike, short distance and long distance towing, at an “any-hour” call time. Every towing service, of the best quality, is accessible for a reasonable and honest price, nothing more than what we deliver to our clients. With our company, be it flatbed tow truck service in Phoenix, winching, dolly towing, or any other services you need, you have the reassurance that we got you covered!

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