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What is a Car Battery, and why does it die?

Every car has a battery that is part of the electrical system of your car that helps keep the headlights, interior lights, air-conditioner, and radio, on. The most common function of a battery is to keep your car on until you start up the engine. In other words, it is where most of the car’s energy is stored and will help power up your car and aid your engine. This battery of yours can die for several reasons, one of them being from old age, or leaving your headlights, interior lights, or radio on.

Some other possible reasons can be because of a faulty alternator, not being able to recharge your battery while you are on the road, or simply because you haven’t been using your car for a long, long time. Usually drivers do not change their batteries until it dies on them, which is always at the worst possible moments of our lives. When your battery dies on you, the usual way to get you back on the road is to jumpstart it, unless the problem is something technical or physical like cracks and leaks, in which case jumpstarting can be a horrible decision.

Why do you need the best dead battery service?

As previously mentioned, dead car battery Phoenix cases can happen at any given moment. Your car could be perfectly fine when you parked it to go buy flowers for your date, and then suddenly refuse to start when you have to be on your way to fetch her. In this type of situation, you could probably call a friend, or ask anyone in the lot if they can lend a hand, but what if you are stuck in a lone parking lot in the middle of the night?

To get back on the road as soon as possible, you need a quick response team to come help you. Dead battery Phoenix service companies like Towing Phoenix can come in fast response time to Jumpstart your car for you, or to tow your car to the nearest repair shop to get it fixed. These servicing companies may even replace your car battery on the spot so that you won’t have to go through any repairs and fixes.  Not only do you need speediness in a dead battery situation, but you need assured efficiency, and that’s why you need to call the best at the game.

dead car battery Phoenix

dead battery Phoenix

How to jumpstart your own battery

Although we recommend asking for professional help to get your battery running again, it is always wise to have some form of knowledge at all times because you will never know when you are going to end up with a dead car battery in Phoenix. First of all, you have to learn how to jumpstart your battery. Usually when a battery dies, it just doesn’t have much energy in it to power up the car. In order to put some life back into to it, you have to jumpstart it to wake it up. To jumpstart your battery back to life, you need a separate car with a fully functional battery. Other than the donor car, you will also need jumper cables to transfer electricity from one car to another.

When all materials are on hand, you have to make sure the cars are parked nose-to-nose, or side-by-side with their hoods uncovered. Place one end of the positive cable (the red one) on the positive terminal of the dead battery, the other end on the positive terminal of the donor car’s battery. Next, put one end of the negative cable (the black one) on the negative terminal of the donor car’s battery, and the other one on any bare, or grounded metal (the engine manifold works best). Start the donor car, and then start the dead car before finally removing the cables from the last one you clipped on. If all is done properly, then you will find that your car is able to move again. However, this may not last long and you may need to change the car battery when you get home.

Why We Are Considered the Best at Providing Battery Services?

Top Value Towing is a professional towing service company that responds immediately to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year, and throughout all seasonal changes, all to get your vehicle where you want us to. Since this company serves people 24/7, they can tend to any situation wherein your car battery has died. Even if you are stuck along a highway because your battery died at 2am in the morning, we will go to your location right away once you give us a call. When it comes to dead battery in Phoenix situations, our company can reassure you that we will be over as fast as we can, to help you get back on the road, and to that date you are late for, or back to the safety of your own home.

Be it a simple Jumpstart process so you can drive off to your destination on your own, or a towing service to bring your car over to a repair shop so you can get fix your old battery or get yourself a new battery, Top Value Towing can do it for you. We know the value of your time, and our job is to get the things you need done without wasting a single second of it doing unnecessary things. There is no dilly-dallying when it comes to our professional crew who will work diligently, all the while handling your vehicle with the utmost care it deserves. All of this, we will do, for an honest and reasonable price, nothing above the value of service we provide, so your money doesn’t go to waste.

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